Frequently asked questions

How to work with you?

The first step is to jump on a discovery call with us. We will ask you questions about your ideal customer profile, your product or service positioning and what you have already tried in terms of cold outreach. If it's a match, we'll send you a contract and a payment link, then we’ll schedule an onboarding call.

What does the onboarding look like?

We start with an onboarding call. It's a 90 min call that lets us dig deep to understand everything about your business (offer, positioning, the problem you're trying to fix, your ICP). As we're crafting the emails and scraping the leads for you, we need as much information as possible. We also set up a Slack channel, a Calendly team, and give you access to the Notion board compiling everything we produce.

Do you send emails from Day 1?

No, we need to set up the technical part first: buy domain names, create new email addresses and warm them up. It takes 2 weeks before we start sending the first emails.

We use this time to scrape the leads based on your ICP and craft the email copy.

Do you purchase the domains?

Yes, we acquire domain variations like "getCompany" or "tryCompany" that seamlessly forward to your main domain. This approach allows us to ensure an optimal deliverability and an easy way to scale the campaigns when necessary.

Do you warm up the emails?

Yes, every email is warmed-up for 10 days before we launch the campaigns. Then we keep sending 20 warm-up emails/day/address, in parallel to the 30 cold emails/day/address.

How do you source the leads?

We use only public data to build our lists. We usually start with data available on LinkedIn or Apollo, but we can also get data from job boards, communities, etc.

Can I see the emails before you send them?

Of course! We never launch campaigns before you have approved them. Everything we do is documented, so you can easily review all the changes in the Notion board.

Do you do cold outreach on social media?

No, we specialize in emails. Because it works, it's scalable and predictable!

How many meetings will I get every month?

The number of meetings varies depending on two major factors: market saturation and seasonality? Saturated markets are obviously tougher to penetrate. If your ICPs are Big Corps, then they’re open to discuss only when it’s time to allocate their new budgets. On average, our customers see a positive return on investment with 5-10 qualified meetings per month.

Do you have some sort of reporting?

Yes, every week we send you a message with the analytics overview, we update the charts in the Notion board and we share the lessons learned with you. If the campaigns under-perform, we also share it openly and discuss new ideas we could iterate on.

What if I hire a new SDR in a few months? ?

Everything we learn along the way is documented in the Notion board. If your company grows and you want to hire a new Sales role to manage the cold outreach, you'll just need to transfer the Notion board to that person. We can also coach your new employee on the tools and methods we use.

What's your secret sauce?

We don’t have a unique mechanism or a secret sauce. We certainly don’t use AI to write emails. So why are we special? Because we do the job as it’s supposed to be done. That’s what sets us apart.

Are you compliant with GDPR?

Yes we are. Our approach: legitimate outreach, simple opt-out, transparent data sourcing, and deletion capability.

Reach 3,000 Prospects Monthly and Book Qualified Meetings

We take care of lead scraping, copywriting, A/B testing, inbox management, and call scheduling. Your role? Simply show up to the meetings we book for you.