Get leads with a BANG!

And feel the impact of cold email outreach on your revenue growth.

Every month we reach out to 3,000 prospects matching your ideal customer profile and we fill your calendar with qualified appointments.

We have helped our clients get meetings with some of the biggest brands on Earth

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Eden Park
Lockheed Martin

How it works

We don’t have a unique mechanism or a secret sauce. So why are we special? Because we deliver effective outreach campaigns through a thorough process that ensures success and continuous refinement.

  • Onboarding Call

  • Tech setup

  • Lead scraping

  • Copywriting

  • Review

  • Launch!

  • Iterations

  • Scale

We have delivered outstanding results in Q1 2024

Working with us means you are result-oriented, just like us. We are obsessed with helping our clients grow their revenue. One question matters to us is: how much money have we added to your pipeline?


Average open rate

We make sure the emails we send are read.

$1.6 million

In Q1 2024, we helped our clients add over $1.6 million to their pipeline.

Our cold outreach system has been consistently generating valuable opportunities.


Emails sent per client, every month

High volume means more data to make decisions and improve the campaigns to generate more qualified leads.

Contact only the right prospects

We send emails to laser-targeted audiences only

Precise targeting:
Our campaigns are directed exclusively towards laser-targeted audiences, ensuring your message reaches the right prospects.
Public data:
We leverage publicly available data from trusted sources like LinkedIn and Apollo to build our highly accurate prospect lists.
Custom scrapers:
Our team develops custom scrapers to extract valuable data from diverse sources such as job boards, communities, and events, expanding the reach of your outreach efforts.
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Data-Driven Optimization for Maximum Impact

We continuously improve by leveraging A/B testing and audience analysis.

A/B testing:
We analyze weekly performance metrics to determine which versions of your campaigns have excelled and which require refinement.
Copy and audience refinement:
Leveraging the gathered data, we fine-tune the copy and explore new audience segments to expand your outreach potential, ensuring your message resonates with your target audience.
Informed scaling decisions:
Our data-driven approach guides us in determining the right time to scale your campaigns, maximizing your reach and meeting booking potential.
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Comprehensive Documentation for Seamless Knowledge Transfer

We centralize knowledge management through a Notion board.

Centralized documentation:
We meticulously document all insights and knowledge gained throughout the process, storing it in a dedicated Notion board.
Smooth onboarding of new sales:
With our comprehensive documentation, the knowledge acquired can be effortlessly transferred to new sales team members, ensuring a seamless transition and consistent outreach strategies.
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What our clients say about us


“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mehdi and Xavier! Within a span of just two months, from March to April 2023, they generated 47 exceptionally qualified opportunities precisely tailored to our target audience: Heads of Ecommerce representing renowned brands doing €100M+ in revenue. The leads they delivered were of remarkable quality, greatly satisfying our sales team. LeadLeadBangBang unquestionably made a resounding impact!”

German Attanasio Ruiz
Founder & CEO at EGI Group

“We started working with LeadLeadBangBang in February 2023. They helped us kickstart our agency by optimizing our offer and testing different target audiences. After a few weeks of iterations, they cracked the code for us! They’ve been scheduling appointments with highly valuable prospects every single week. We had honestly never thought we could have landed such prestigious brands. 100% recommend working with LLBB!”

Charly Malamaire
Charly Malamaire
CEO of Radiant

Reach 3,000 Prospects Monthly and Book Qualified Meetings

We take care of lead scraping, copywriting, A/B testing, inbox management, and call scheduling. Your role? Simply show up to the meetings we book for you.