About Us

Our mission

After spending a combined 15 years playing the startup game, raising $M from VCs, hiring employees, leading teams, building products… We wanted to get back to the roots of business and use our experience to provide a clear service, with clear results, to a small number of clients that we love to work with.

People often ask us about our secret sauce. There is no secret. We simply send good emails to the right audience, we measure and we iterate. We document the whole process and we update you weekly. A job well done, that’s what sets us apart.

Deal value added to our clients’ pipeline in Q1 2024
$1.6 million
Emails sent per client, every month
Average open rate

The Team

  • Mehdi Bouaziz

    Mehdi Bouaziz

    Mehdi has been a CEO & CMO for several startups in the last six years. Grew a startup from 0 to 1.5M€/m in 6 months. He's an expert in sales and marketing

  • Xavier Coiffard

    Xavier Coiffard

    Xavier is an entrepreneur with coding and marketing skills. He created multiple SaaS and helped 400+ startups to get their first users.

Reach 3,000 Prospects Monthly and Book Qualified Meetings

We take care of lead scraping, copywriting, A/B testing, inbox management, and call scheduling. Your role? Simply show up to the meetings we book for you.