Getting their first clients

Kickstart an AI Agency

Charly and Jean launched Radiant at the beginning of 2023. They are two AI developers with a background in neurosciences. With 3 years of experience each building AI products, they needed some help on the Sales side to get their first major clients.

“LeadLeadBangBang helped us kickstart our agency by optimizing our offer and testing different target audiences. They’ve been scheduling appointments with highly valuable prospects every single week. We had honestly never thought we could have landed such prestigious brands. I 100% recommend working with LLBB!”

Charly Malamaire
Charly Malamaire

Co-founder at Radiant-ia.tech

When Radiant contacted us, they had not launched any sales initiatives yet, and they had 0 clients. They needed to define their offer and build a cold outreach system from scratch.

What we did

  • Defining the offer: We helped them A/B-test multiple offers against multiple audiences until we discovered the magic formula: a unique offer for the perfect niche.
  • Scaling the outreach: We built an "outreach machine" to increasingly contact more prospects as we were closing in on a winning campaign. The full sending volume was then used to siphon the niche off.
  • Sales coaching: We were in contact daily with the founders to guide them at every step of their sales process. We coached them on their sales scripts, pitch deck, invoicing method, follow-up emails.
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The results

In 3 months, we managed to go from a blank canva to creating a winning offer and identifying their Ideal Customer Profile. They now rely on a predictable outreach system that feeds them warm leads on a monthly basis.

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Reach 3,000 Prospects Monthly and Book Qualified Meetings

We take care of lead scraping, copywriting, A/B testing, inbox management, and call scheduling. Your role? Simply show up to the meetings we book for you.