Growing faster with cold emails

Scaling a profitable startup

Môveo.ai is a bootstrapped startup. They were doing $1M+ revenue when they contacted us. They were looking to speed up their growth, while refining their ICP.

“Xavier and Mehdi helped us generate high value leads for our startup in a competitive market. They've been iterating relentlessly on the audiences and the copy. I definitely recommend working with them.”

German Attanasio Ruiz
German Attanasio Ruiz

CTO at Môveo.ai

Môveo.ai tried cold outreach in the past (cold emails), but none of their campaigns were effective. They were looking to create a predictable outreach process that could bring in new leads every month.

What we did

  • Refining their ICP: In 3 months, we created over 15 different outreach campaigns to determine which audience was the most receptive to their standardized offer.
  • Fine-tuning the outreach: To pierce through a saturated market, we implemented advanced outreach systems, relying on lead magnets, Loom videos, +30 and +60 day follow-ups, and ultra-personalization.
  • Opening new markets: Môveo.ai wanted to test their offer in new regions: Western Europe and South America. We crafted region-specific campaigns: in Spanish, English, and French.
Prospects Contacted
Different Campaigns
Open Rate
Added Deal Value

The results

Môveo.ai specifically focuses on engaging C-level executives in companies with 1,000 or more employees. This particular target audience presents a challenge when it comes to reaching out effectively. That's why we've experimented with numerous campaigns and employed a gentle approach in our copywriting. Our objective was to foster meaningful conversations, recognizing that conversions require patience (at least several months). And our efforts have proven successful!

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