Booking Heads of Ecommerce for an exclusive event

Acquiring Renown Brands

EGI Group is a company based in Barcelona that specializes in helping e-commerce businesses expand in Spain and Europe. They provide a wide range of services, such as communication, talent acquisition, and startup acceleration. Their goal was to attract well-known brands to participate in their exclusive Digital 1-to-1 event.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mehdi and Xavier! Within a span of just two months, from March to April 2023, they generated 47 exceptionally qualified opportunities precisely tailored to our target audience: Heads of Ecommerce representing renowned brands doing €100M+ in revenue. The leads they delivered were of remarkable quality, greatly satisfying our sales team. LeadLeadBangBang unquestionably made a resounding impact!”

German Attanasio Ruiz

Founder & CEO at EGI Group

While EGI Group already had a solid online presence and received a steady flow of interested leads, they aimed to broaden their reach further. They wanted to establish an effective outreach system that would secure VIP guests for the numerous events they host.

What we did

  • Focusing on a single target: EGI Group identified their Ideal Customer Profile precisely. So we conducted extensive research to understand their audience's language, interests, and preferences.
  • Crafting a winning sequence: The meticulously crafted email sequence yielded remarkable results. Right from the beginning, the conversion rate was impressive, with a positive reply received for every 16 prospects contacted.
  • Scaling to new countries : After achieving success in France, the outreach campaign was expanded to Italy and Portugal. By translating and tailoring the materials to suit the local audience, the campaigns continued to generate exceptional conversion rates in these countries as well.
Prospects Contacted
Opportunities Generated
Open Rate
Added Deal Value

The results

We successfully secured famous brands for EGI Group's exclusive event. Through meticulous research and a winning email sequence, we generated 47 highly qualified opportunities from 1,282 prospects. Our tailored outreach campaign expanded to new countries, delivering exceptional results and adding $124k in deal value in just under 2 months.

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